For the visitor to Glenurquhart there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy with some of the best scenery in Scotland to make your visit memorable.

For Glenurquhart Head along the A831 from Drumnadrochit and you will find much, much more to this area apart from our famous Nessie, Guisachan near Tomich, is where Lord Tweedmouth bred the first Golden Retrievers. The Glen was purchased for the nation, by the Forestry Commission in 1951 and the process of conservation has been ongoing ever since, gathering pace especially in recent decades.

A great deal of restoration work has been carried out to conserve one of the largest remaining ancient pinewoods. There is an immense variety of wildlife within the NNR, including red, roe and sika deer. Smaller mammals such as the fox, stoat and weasel can also be found. Badgers and pine martins are also becoming more common. The bird population is also diverse, over 100 species having been recorded within the Glen.  Sports can be enjoyed here all year round.